The Big 3-0

30 Days! Only one month separating my title of fiancé to wife, one month left of living in Ohio with my family, one month left within a close distance of my friends, one month to have the ability to cuddle my nephews and nieces whenever I want and don’t forget the family pets. How insanely … More The Big 3-0

Sweet Summer Time

I will soon be surrounded by brick walls, tall buildings, and the general buzz of downtown Indianapolis. During these last two months of living in my childhood house, which is located in the middle of fields and surrounded by giant windmills, I am trying to soak in the things that I love and won’t have … More Sweet Summer Time

Today is the Day

It’s finally here. The horrible and dreaded STEP exam. The test that limited and demanded Ben’s time since the beginning of our relationship. Ben has spent around 6-8 hours a day straight studying for what seems like forever. I truly am not gifted in that area and have a hard time understanding how someone is … More Today is the Day


I have to say I am beyond surprised I haven’t already posted about Lush, because if you know me, you know that I am practically obsessed. My love for this brand began when my mom gifted me a “holiday tin” full of bath bombs. I absolutely love takings baths, so I may be a little … More LUSH

May Madness

May has always been a sign of warmer weather and a step closer to summer, but this year it’s taken on a different vibe. This week is my last week of freshman year and it brings oh so many odd feelings. I am more than ready for school to be over, but the end of … More May Madness