Our infertility journey & PCOS

After reevaluating the purpose for these posts, I'm sharing a severely emotional and fragile story of ours that has been writing itself the past 2ish years. I write and share on here not to gain followers, not for an income and most certainly not for your approval. My goal is to share these things not … Continue reading Our infertility journey & PCOS


First off, happy New Year and I hope you all surpassed the national average of about 2 weeks of following through on resolutions. I personally don't make resolutions anymore, but I am choosing a theme word that I hope to implement in my life intentionally this year, "fearless." My choice has a simple explanation, I … Continue reading Therapy

Life update

Hey guys, happy Thursday. I'm still discovering what this space looks like for me in this new life of ours and have yet to make a routine out of sharing with you. I guess my intentions for these posts are not to write weekly, but to post when I feel like I have something meaningful … Continue reading Life update