One More Thing Done

Life has been a bit wild lately, and my posts are not coming as often as before, but I’m hoping this will change.

One more very large checkpoint has been put on our list. Drum roll………We have finally selected Oyster Bar as our caterer. If you’re not a seafood fan don’t be thrown off by the name. We sampled countless delicious dishes and only one of them was actually seafood.

We asked my parents to join us for this taste testing just to get another opinion and I’m pretty sure they loved it. The experience was pleasantly overwhelming with options that were all delicious. Just to give you an idea, we sampled 3 stuffed chickens, filet, brisket, 2 potato options, 2 vegetable options, and 2 different appetizers. We walked away with our bellies stuffed with some of the most well known dishes in Fort Wayne, and for free!

The day we sampled was on Saturday and somehow 70 degrees. The sun was intense and it was perfect weather to be outside. My parents had never been to the Botanical Conservatory (aka: the location for our wedding and reception), so of course when they asked for a tour we gladly dropped by to show them around.

Every time I go to the Gardens I think I fall in love with it even more.



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