A Sunset to Breathe

I’ve slept in a tent the past two nights in bear country, I hiked 10 miles and traveled 9 hours, unpacked and repacked bags, and oh yeah I haven’t showered in two days. Why am I currently typing a blog post you may ask? Because the instant I take a nice warm shower and feel the comfort of my own bed I know for a fact I will be asleep within seconds and I have a whole lot to type before doing so.

The last week and a few days have been so beautifully busy and relaxing in a crazy jumbled sort of way. Trips to South Carolina are all about packing in as many of our favorite activities in each day as possible (see…fun but tiring).

As I mentioned in my previous post, we also ended with a three day camping trip (which was absolutely amazing). We stayed at Balsam Mountain campground, which is around 5300 ft in elevation and known for its nightly bear visitors. Let me just say that the first night I didn’t sleep much and I was way too scared to walk to the bathrooms alone once the sun went down (Ben thinks I’m such a chicken..but who wants to die by getting eaten by a bear!?).

Anyway, we are back home and packing all day tomorrow to move Ben to Indy early Monday morning. Let’s just say I don’t currently like to talk about it  because tears still always seem to make an appearance. Nonetheless it is a very exciting and monumental moment for us as this apartment will be our first ever “home” together.

On our last evening on our camping trip we made a drive to the mile high look out spot to watch the sunset and as we were sitting there Ben says, “Soak it in because this is probably one of the most peaceful moments we will ever have.”  I sat there and looked out over the fading blue outlines of the smoky mountains with no vision of any other humans or living creatures. In that moment it was truly just us. No schedule, classes, hospital shifts, homework deadlines, or even any cell service. We were completely cut off from everything that fills our every day. It was a moment that I will forever try and cherish, especially during these crazy hectic upcoming weeks and months.






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