The Big 3-0

30 Days! Only one month separating my title of fiancé to wife, one month left of living in Ohio with my family, one month left within a close distance of my friends, one month to have the ability to cuddle my nephews and nieces whenever I want and don’t forget the family pets. How insanely crazy is that!?

It feels like Ben and I just started dating yesterday and here we are separated by 2 and a half hours while he does rotations and one month away from being husband and wife. Life is unreal currently and I can’t help but to stop and thank God for EVERYTHING that I/we have been blessed with during our relationship so far.

With the wedding so close I thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of the pictures from our bigger adventures/milestones of our dating relationship.

(Our first picture we ever took together)


(My Senior Prom, Ben drove out just to take pictures with me before I went to the dance)


(Left: Our first winter together we went to Chicago. Right: Second year visiting Chicago)


(During the same time I was graduating high school, Ben was in Alabama graduating from officer training for the Air Force.)


(After officer training we headed to Michigan on a family camping trip.)



(Then 3 weeks down in South Carolina at the Reserve. This picture is from our hike up table rock summit, the moment I felt like I could conquer anything with this man beside me.)


(Matt’s Wedding In Tennessee, Ben was his best man.)


(Our “one year of dating” dinner out)


( The day we picked up this sweet love who quickly won our hearts over.)


(The camping trip to Michigan that changed our lives forever)




(Of course I have to include a few of our engagement pictures)



(Our visit to Ben’s Alma Mater, Indiana University.)



(Our week away in South Carolina at the Reserve and camping trip in the Smoky Mountains this summer, right before Ben moved to Indy)


(One of Bens days off of rotation called for a drive to Indianapolis and brunch at Patachou)


I cannot wait to share wedding details and photos in 30 days…well lets say 37 cause we all know I won’t be posting during the honeymoon in Maui haha



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