A Wedding Blur

Here I am posting on August 22, a married gal who now lives in Indianapolis and has her first day of classes today at a new school. I spent most of my summer planning and anticipating our wedding day and now it’s in the past already along with our honeymoon. HOW CRAZY IS THAT!?

I won’t go into full detail about our wedding day but I thought it would be fun to share highlights and bloopers to reflect and giggle at the things that seemed stressful at the time.

(These are all from my perspective so I’m sure Ben has many different highlights and bloopers)


  • The walk down the isle– this moment felt so surreal and seeing Ben at the end waiting for me is a moment I will never forget. At this point I also felt like all planning was done and I could just breathe and enjoy our special day.
  • Reception entrance this was the benchmark of “let the fun begin”. Our pictures were over and we could actually enjoy everyone who came to celebrate with us. 
  • Seeing it all come together- when picking out things for the wedding it’s hard to imagine what it will look like when everything is all together. The band, the table linen colors, the centerpieces, the combo of bouquets/bridesmaid dresses/ and groomsmen suits. To say I was pleased is surely an understatement. We were so blessed with a beautiful ceremony by our Pastor, the live band killed it with the music, the food was delicious (even though we barely got to eat any), and everything just seemed to go exactly how we pictured it. 
  • The exit– we left the reception around 10:45, which was actually a little later than planned. Our guests lined the pathway with glow sticks as we ran through hand in hand as husband in wife to escape to our 2 hour long drive back to our apartment. As we got in the car we both looked at each other like, “what in the world just happened?” The day was truly a blur, but if we could do it all over again I’m pretty sure we would…(making sure we got cake the second time). 


  • An hour late– soooo our morning started off with our hair appointments lasting way longer than expected causing us to be late to our first set of pictures throwing off the entire picture schedule. Safe to say this was not funny during the time. 
  • A blurry mess- by the time our ceremony started I had gone through 3 pairs of contacts. For some odd reason they kept getting blurry and wouldn’t clear up after just a rinse sooo safe to say someone was always carrying around an extra pair for me that day. 


Overall there wasn’t anything that went majorly wrong. I’m sure there are things that I’m forgetting about, but in entirety we were so blessed with beautiful weather, sweet guests, and a day that seemed perfect to us. I will soon be sharing pictures of our day (once I get them back) and a Maui travel guide/tips we learned on our honeymoon.

2 thoughts on “A Wedding Blur

  1. Erin Hoffman says:

    Gracious girl I forgot all about the morning starting late! In the scheme of things it was such a minor hiccup and all I remember is how perfect and FUN it all was! I can’t wait to show you all the goods we got!!!


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