Night Shifts and Berry Cobbler

Ben and I have been asked a lot recently, “soo how’s marriage going?”. Our answer has consistently been, “It’s honestly going great!”. We often laugh when people ask us now and explain we are still in the “honeymoon” phase.

Ben and I were away from each other the three months before we got married, which I talked about in an earlier post, so this first month of marriage has been a time of gratefulness to just simply live in the same city as each other (not to mention the same apartment!). We have loved being able to have conversations in person and not having to communicate through text. It has truly just been a fun time of change.

However, we like to refer to today as the “end of our honeymoon phase”, because Ben starts his OB rotation and night shifts start tonight. It’s a challenge that we both knew was coming and has been a topic of our prayers for a while now. It’s going to push us both to adjust to a strange schedule, but we are hoping a lot of experience comes out of it for Ben. SOO while Ben is home today and not sleeping, I decided to make his favorite sweet treat (berry cobbler) to start off this rotation on a good note.








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