From The Bathroom Sink

This is for all the gal’s that, like me, have an ever changing beauty routine. I do have to say that this time around, these products have stuck around for a while and I don’t plan on changing too soon. This is my second “From The Bathroom Sink” post, so if you didn’t see the first I suggest you check that out before reading this one!

If you have any sort of social media account I’m sure you’ve seen someone post about essential oils. It’s a rapid growing industry and many people are becoming merchandisers for different oil companies now. I decided to see if the craze of these “magical oils” was really true so I ordered what’s called a “Starter Kit” which has all sorts of goodies.


This Satin Mint Facial Scrub is a dream. I try to use this every night to get rid of all the excess oil and gross things from the day. This scrub is water-based and contains jojoba oil, mango butter, aloe, and peppermint essential oil. It’s suppose to minimize appearance of pores and brighten up dull skin. MY RESULTS: I love to use this to exfoliate after wearing foundation or in the shower after a workout. It leaves my skin feeling cool and refreshed. This scrub is great for people with oily skin, but truly is great for any skin type.




This is surprisingly still the same as last time I posted. I won’t go into complete detail of this product (read my last post for info), but I still use the LUSH vanishing cream moisturizer. It’s truly a great moisturizer. However, I do throw in a little extra something with it. My skin is prone to breakouts so I add one drop of Melrose and Frankincense oil into my palm with the vanishing creaming and massage it over my entire face. This has helped significantly with balancing my skin tone and preventing breakouts (who doesn’t love that!?). I apply this lovely mixture after using the mint facial scrub during my before bed routine.



Problem Areas

The great thing about essential oils is that you can use them in several ways. One of my favorites is applying them with rollers. You just combine a carrier oil (I use grape seed oil) and the recommended amount of drops of the certain oils. SOOOO when I break out or have one big pimple between my eyes this is my go to. The roller bottle contains grape seed oil, lavender, and frankincense. Which I just roll directly on the problem area(s). FUN FACT: This combination of oils is also great for a good night’s rest. You can apply this all day long, but I try to just do it before bed.


Make Up Remover

This is my ultimate favorite product currently. Technically they are baby wipes (I know a little strange), but they work great for make up remover wipes or even a mid-day freshen up. They contain lavender so they smell lovely and are great for your skin. Instead of washing my face in the morning I just pull out one of these wipes and cleanse my skin with this instead (it’s saves time and makes your face feel great).


That’s a wrap on my product line up! Pretty simple and gets the job done. Feel free to comment with any questions about the products or Young Living!



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