Guac Toast and Day dream’s

My time in the apartment is quite a lot these days so today I decided to lay by the pool and scribble down a few day dreams to let myself escape from the brick walls that usually surround me. Before I headed out to the pool I had some delicious guacamole toast and just had to snap some pictures. The only toppings are gauc, a fried egg, and red pepper strips. (It would also be delicious with some hot sauce drizzled on top)





  1. Take a Spontaneous trip to anywhere

Lately I’ve been feeling stuck in a monotonous schedule. Don’t get me wrong, schedules are great and much needed most of the time, however lately I’ve really been craving spontaneity. If Ben had a good amount of time off I’m pretty sure we would be on the cheapest flight out of here.

2. Rescue a Dog

Okay, if you know me then you probably know I’ve really been pulling strings to get Ben on board with this idea. However, in our current situation it’s truly just not ideal… so for now it will stay in my day dreaming journal haha.

3.Volunteer while in Indy

This isn’t as much a day dream as it is a “to do”. While we are living here in Indy we really want to get connected and serve this community in some way, shape, or form. It’s been an idea that we talked about before even moving but is still in the process of finding something we are both very passionate about/ finding a church to call home and possible serving through it.

4. Keep our license plate from every state we live in

Sooo I thought this would be a fun way to somehow display in the end all the places we will have lived. I’m kind of a keep sake lover, so having our license plates from all the states hanging on our wall somewhere in our final home is something that just makes me smile.

5. Send Birthday Cards

Okay, this thought needs a little background info to completely make sense. My grandma (who is now 97) was a faithful birthday card sender. So every year you could always expect a card from her delivered exactly on your birthday. It’s a sweet memory of her and something I always looked forward to every summer my birthday rolled around…not to mention the single piece of Wrigley peppermint gum she ALWAYS taped on the inside. It makes me laugh because Wrigley’s gum may be the most short lasting and brittle gum out there, but the taste carries some sort of sweet memory of all the cards received from my grandma. Anyway, she continued sending cards even after the grandkid number passed 100…meaning she sent around 150 birthday cards every single year to her family and they almost ALWAYS arrived on the exact day.  I love to receive  letters in the mail or a birthday card and I hope to try and send cards just like she did (although I probably won’t do near as well).

6. Live in the present

So this also isn’t really a day dream, but it was an end thought that sort of brought me back to reality. It’s exciting to think about the future, look forward to possible trips, think about names for a future dog or even kid, but I often have to remind myself to live in the present. To find an adventure in every day, enjoy what is currently going on, and just love everyone I’m so incredible blessed with.



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