Hey everyone! I’ve been pretty slow with my posts lately so I apologize, but I’ve been unplugged from technology for a quick bit as Ben and I went camping this weekend.

Our trip was meant to be three nights total, but as the temperature plummeted to a frigid 30 degrees on our second night, we gladly bowed out and returned to the warmth of our home. Mother Nature truly tried to defeat us as the first night we were unsuccessful with the fire starting due to the wood we purchased being wet (just our luck)..then the next morning we woke up to rain which turned into hail. Somehow Ben managed to build a canopy with a tarp over the fire so we huddled under it to stay dry for a couple hours.

Things definitely didn’t go our way but I have to say the trip was still more than a success. We were able to spend the whole day Friday in the park, devouring one s’more after another, hiking through stream beds, gulping down hot apple cider, reading together, and of course flying the drone. The leaves were so vibrant and beautiful and refreshing as we normally don’t see too many trees where we live. My ultimate favorite part of camping is having zero service. Our phones normally get left in the car and our apple watches  left at home and it feels like all chains have been taken off. That may seem exaggerated but it’s so true! Not having the urge to check for messages, social media, or just the demand of having it with you all the time is so so refreshing. You know that you have the full attention of one another with no distractions and there’s nothing much better than that.

This trip actually came at the perfect time as there are many decisions to be made in my life currently. I won’t go into detail, but prayers would definitely be much appreciated. I’m trying to make my posts more consistent and there is also a very exciting new series of posts brewing…so stay tuned!
















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