Last Week of School

It’s finals week, which is usually pretty rough, but this semester brings unfamiliar emotions. It’s my last week of school, possibly forever. I’m walking away from hours of school work, late nights of writing essays, and the feeling of never having enough time to finish things. I’m leaving with no degree, which was obviously not the goal when I started my freshmen year, but I’m feeling refreshed as in a week I will have a wide open slate for new opportunities.

It’s an odd feeling to not have scheduled days. In the 20 years of my life, 15 of them have followed a school schedule, which is pretty odd to think about. I’m trying my best to cherish this last week, although it definitely isn’t easy to enjoy finals week haha.

About the decision: I enjoyed parts of the Interior Design major and actually found myself doing well in the program at IUPUI. However, I felt God pushing me in a different direction and although I ignored it for a while, I felt a very obvious nudge this semester.

I have yet to make a decision about what’s next for me, but I am refreshing my trust in the Lord daily and leaning on Him during this time of uncertainty. I made a decision that is almost shamed by our society, but I am confident and taking life a day at a time.

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