Stella Rey Ryan

No we did not have a child. But in a way we sort of adopted one, only she has four paws and a tendency to nibble when she gives kisses. This is straying from my normal posts but I mean come on look at how adorable she is..I couldn’t help but share how her story and ours collided.

I grew up with all sorts of pets. We ALWAYS had cats (my mom’s that crazy cat lady that feeds all the neighborhood strays that show up at her house) also we have had several dogs, two birds, multiple fish, a hermit crab at one point, 2 horses at another point and I think 2 hamsters. Chances are I’m probably missing some, but you get the point. I love any type of pet so with Ben being a major dog guy, you know I only encourage the idea of a four legged friend. We knew that a dog would eventually end up in our family, but the timing was pretty unsure for a while. After certain changes occurred getting a dog started to become a possible reality. Casually we both started searching all area shelters weekly. We knew we wanted to rescue a dog from a local shelter after visiting a couple and seeing how overcrowded they were and the high need for people to adopt.

Searching one Saturday, Ben found some possible candidates at the humane society in Terre Haute, IN…which is an hour from where we live. They had 3 lab/mix puppy siblings that were 6 months old and we immediately loved them all. Next thing you know the next day we are driving an hour just to see these little cuties. After getting a little time with the only girl pup, Rey, we put in an application for her and drove an hour back home. We were told that we weren’t the first on the list for Rey so the expectations of getting her were pretty low. Three days later while I’m at my first day of my new job.. Ben gets a call saying the other people dropped out and we were now first on the application for this sweet pup. I mean are you kidding!? The next day Ben drove another hour to Terre Haute, IN to pick up the cutie while I was at work. In one week I found out that I was hired for the job I interviewed for, I started that job and we got a new puppy. Talk about craziness!

It has been amazing seeing this little girl come out of her shell. She was terrified of people, other dogs and walking through doorways the first couple days we had her and for the most part she slept constantly. We are now almost two weeks in and she is playful and becoming the social butterfly of our apartment complex (she’s already made two other pup friends who she immediately looks for when we go outside now). We are so thankful to be able to add her to our family and can’t wait to see how much more she blossoms as we smother her with love. So..everyone meet Stella Rey Ryan.

This picture was taken on the drive back from Terre Haute from when Ben picked her up. As you can tell she was VERY shy.






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