Letters from Rose: what’s your destination?

Hey loves,

It’s been a bit since I’ve hopped on here and spilled some thoughts with you guys so I figured it was due time to splash some words on this page and let you take what you want from it. I’ve been listening to a new podcast lately and a recent episode collided with this past Sundays message at church and I think the topic is much too good not to share.

To bring in the scope on the earth wide topic, they both discussed the worldly view on marriage/relationship status’s. Correct me if I’m wrong but from childhood to college life, doesn’t marriage seem like an obvious destination? It’s like everyone knows they will get married and have kids and drive a mini van and your kids will play soccer and you will probably have a dog or some type of pet…oh yeah and you will have everything always put together and always be on time. Is that not the vision everyone has for their life? Or so it seems.

A person’s relationship status is a defining brand in our culture. If you’re single and 30 then you’re pretty much a failure at life and might as well never come out of your home. If you’ve graduated college and have yet to have a boyfriend or girlfriend you better just quite now and give up all dreams of marriage. Ugh. This is just sad and so wrong. A  relationship status does not define you. If you are single, good for you! The Lord designs us all differently and even creates some of us to be strong enough to do this thing called life on our own. And to that we shouldn’t shame them, but tip our hats.

There are no “relationship goals” (biggest pet peeve). You can like those couple’s Instagram pictures all you want, but honey you were never meant to have a relationship exactly like theirs. Moral of the story, marriage is viewed as a “destination”. Don’t worry about these college years, someday you’ll get married and that will change you completely. You’ll have this great wife who will be that picture perfect homemaker and things will just be figured out. HELLO! Marriage is not a destination. If it’s yours then you have a lot of soul searching to do. When you get married you’re life doesn’t just stop and everything is figured out. Marriage is the beginning of a whole new stage of life. Marriage is God providing you with a partner to face life with.

I’ll stop babbling now but my main two points are that marriage is not a destination and your relationship status does not define you, Jesus does.

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With Love,

Tianna Rose

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