Letters from Rose: Valentine’s Day

Dear loves,

Happy Valentine’s day to you all and I’m curious what all of your plans are for the day. Is your man buying you overpriced roses? Did you make a reservation a month ago for this restaurant that EVERYONE wants to go to tonight? Are you single and celebrating Galentines day with all your gal pals? Are you having a large family dinner together? (If so I’m jealous)

If you haven’t caught the drift of my sarcastic tone, I am not a huge fan of Valentine’s day. I guess that isn’t completely true. I love a good reason to celebrate, but I don’t love that one day out of the year there are impossible expectations set on this celebration. Why is there ONE designated time to appreciate those you love? Isn’t that suppose to be every day?? It’s like an excuse to slack all year, but if you get a great gift on Valentine’s Day then it’s all good. FALSE. That is not okay. If everyone put the effort into every single day like it was Valentine’s Day imagine what relationships would look like.

Valentine’s Day is simply another day (like every other) to love those around you well. Today Ben and I will not be going to a fancy dinner or gifting each other things that are far out of our budget. Today will be ordinary. We both will go to work, let the dog out, make lunch, and drink some coffee. This evening Ben is making dinner and we will probably put on a record and play a board game together. Nothing out of the ordinary, but so special and beautiful.

So enjoy your Valentine’s Day everyone, but remember, it’s not about what you get, what you wear, or the pictures you take. It’s about stepping away from your phone to give time to your loved ones. It’s about loving and loving well, not just today, but every day.



Tianna Rose




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