Behind The Blog: Part 2

Hey guys! It feels like it’s been a while (probably because it has), but I’m back and throwing your way another peek behind my blog. I was reading through my last post and realized I didn’t include all that I wanted to share, so here I am.

Purpose of the Blog

So you know that a portion of the blog is for me just to have an outlet to write, but I didn’t give a large enough spotlight on the idea that I want this to be a platform to be able to reach people… not to show off all the fun times I have, the best food I eat, places we travel, or clothes I buy (that’s exactly what I don’t want this to be). I want this a place to be open to the ugly parts of our life that Instagram doesn’t allow us to see. I want it to be a corner of the internet that you aren’t comparing yourself to someone else, a place where you feel encouraged and welcomed.

I have such a huge heart for women of my generation. I think some of our struggles are things that are never brought up in conversation, because who want’s to admit their struggles (am I right!?). Let’s talk about dating, body image, self-doubt, working out, dieting, faith, swim suit season, marriage, navigating life changes, breakups, making new friends, traveling, and the struggle of comparison. Let’s talk in the brokenness to let God break the chains of fear and allow us to feel capable. I want to applaud each other’s accomplishments instead of envying them, and hold each other’s hands during trials.. instead of turning our cheek. I can’t wait to dive in with you guys.

Happy Friday Loves





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