Letters From Rose: seasons of life

Hey ladies, it’s yet again another Monday and I hope not all of you are looking out the window at a snow dusted landscape like I am. I am more than ready for warmer weather and days full of sunshine.

Today I wanted to talk about contentment, specifically in different seasons of life.

Lets get a dog, because then we can post all these pictures of her and the fun stuff we do with her and maybe we will gain friends who also have dogs and we will just fit into that category of a young couple with no kids, but have a puppy.

Nothing changes. Lets have a baby because we are just excluded from all talk about kids and there are zero couples in the same stage as us, but there are a ton of couples with kids soooo we can totally fit into that life season with so many more people.

Maybe it’s just where we live. Once we move and find a new community all these perfect people will find us and we will automatically have best friends. The perfect job also has to be there, I’m pretty convinced.

Maybe once I turn 24 I will be able to host a dinner party for all my neighbors and I will have the courage to go door to door inviting them all. Oh yeah and I think I’ll have the wisdom at 27 to write that book I’ve always wanted to write.

Girl, wake up. I am telling you, accept the season you are currently in right now! Don’t expect things to come in the future just because of the changes that may occur. You may gain more friends once you have kids, but why should that prevent you from reaching out and trying to make connections now? You may find a job you like better in the future in a new place, but why would you put expectations on that and not find an opportunity right where you are? Why are we putting limits on ourselves based on our seasons of life? If you want to have a dinner party for all your neighbors, do it! If you want to travel more, do it!

Your age and season of life does not define what you are capable of. We limit ourselves daily because we put a roof over our abilities. Don’t wait. You are more than capable now. Stop making excuses and enjoy all the great things your season of life has to offer. Just because you turn a certain age or you attain a typical season of life (like having kids) that does not mean all the things will just happen.

Stop waiting for certain benchmarks in your life to do the things you want to do. Enjoy your season of life and all the tremendous things it has to offer.



Ps. I hope you all had an amazing Easter!!

With love,

Tianna Rose

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