Life updates

You guys, it’s been so long since I’ve been on here. Time is literally flying by lately and I feel like I’m constantly playing catch up. So many changes, “firsts”, lasts”, new friends, new house church.

To fill you in on what’s been shaking up our life lately, we have recently signed our lease for our home for our second year in Indy. We decided on a change of scenery and picked a place in a suburb of Indy. Sooo no more downtown living for us, which of course has its pros and cons. We are trying to soak in this last week here and go to as many of our favorite places as possible. Coat check coffee (which is where I am right now), our favorite Thai place, the best sushi and so so many more. Its feels like we are trying to soak up all this sunshine and hide it in our pocket for the suburb life, but in reality our new home is going to be so great and we are so so excited for this change.

Ben just started his last rotation of 3rd year. Anyone else just want to hit the pause button currently and soak in each and every little thing?? What a blur medical school can become. Each day is mostly intense, but in a whole, it flies by (at least from the wife perspective haha). In a less than two months Ben will be off on his away rotations for the summer and well, let’s not go there just yet!

We went camping this past weekend and took Stella on her first ever camping trip. If you’re new to this blog, Stella, is our dog and we pretty much treat her like a child. She’s beyond spoiled and when we introduce her to new things, you can bet there will be thousands of pictures and a lifetime of stories coming out of it. Anyway, the trip was absolutely perfect. It wasn’t actually perfect, because a raccoon got into our car at night and ate a bunch of our food, but it was so so good to be unplugged and sitting by a fire sipping hot cocoa with my favorite people. There’s something so refreshing about escaping the city and  going to this place that is immeasurably quiet and listening to the birds chirp and the trees swaying in the breeze. Going on three hour hikes and never worrying about what time it is. Eating meals whenever you feel hungry and cooking the food over the fire. Having non-washed hair and dirt under your nails and all your clothes smell like a campfire and the best part, having to snuggle under a pile of blankets in the tent to stay warm. It was cozy, simple and so so good for my soul.

We have joined what’s called a house church, which is comparable to a bible study, in a way, through our church. We’ve met so many amazing people who have welcomed us into their 5 year family with open arms. It’s been a relief to gather with them weekly and be able to dive into deep conversation, sing gospel songs to ukulele’s and laugh about the silly ice breaker questions that always bring out the most embarrassing stories. The sense of community is truly immeasurable. We have been so thankful for our church and the many amazing people it has brought into our lives. To people in new cities, don’t wait to get connected. Take the leap to be involved in whatever you can and I promise you it will only be beneficial in the long run.

Also, my sister just gave birth to my new baby nephew and I am so excited to make a trip home to soak up all the baby cuddles.

I probably provided more information than what you care about, but for those following along that I don’t get to talk to or see often anymore, I wanted to fill you in. Although our schedule continues to get more busy in the near future I really hope to make my posts more frequent and consistent!

Hope you all have a lovely week and I can’t wait to talk soon.













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