A little Fresh Air

Hey guys, I just wanted to hop on here quickly, because, well writing to you guys is like taking a little breath of fresh air during this busy season.

So if you don’t follow me on Instagram, we have moved/are still in the process of moving!  Lets just say we (or me) totally underestimated this move. Background: we were living downtown Indianapolis and decided for our second year here, to move to a suburb closer to where I work. A total move of about 25-30 minutes from where we were located downtown.

We got our keys to our new place earlier than expected, so we were literally packing up the same day as we moved most of our things (I don’t suggest doing that, it’s way too chaotic). My family lives in Ohio and Ben’s parents were out of town/ we moved on a Monday and who wants to ask people to help you move on a Monday, sooo we did the move on our own. I thought it would totally be fine, because I really didn’t think we had a ton of things in our 730 square ft apartment, but let me tell ya I was wrong ha. With two people moving things it takes twice (possibly 3 times) the amount of time and when you only have 3 hours before work and the U-Haul for one day, it’s just all very rushed and probably not the most thought through process.

We moved the majority of our stuff into our condo on Monday, spent our first night here, and woke up realizing we forgot to bring all of our socks, my contacts and some other important things that I’m spacing on right now. It has been chaotic, stressful, physically and mentally demanding on us and of course Stella who refuses to eat her food ever since we moved, but it’s our new home and we love it.

I’m not writing this post to complain (maybe I am venting a tad), but to shed some humor into this time and remember the instant I was trying to help Ben carry the mattress upstairs and completely failed (he pretty much moved all the heavy things on his own haha), or all the bumps and scrapes and sore muscles we have, or the lack of food in our fridge and the absurd amount of times we have eaten at a restaurant in the past week, or the fact that we doubled in size when we moved and I often can’t find Ben in our new place (I’m pretty sure he hides on purpose), or the first cup of coffee from our expresso machine that we bought for ourselves as a house warming gift (yep, we are that type of people).

I’m trying my very best to soak in all these sweet memories scattered in this messy web of moving, so I’m raising my coffee mug on this beautiful Wednesday morning to a new home, new memories, new experiences and all the crazy in between.

Happy Wednesday, everyone.

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