be still

Hey guys,

It’s raining here, like the kind of rain that makes you either want to take a nap or gives you some serious inspiration for a blog post.

I’m sitting here on our bedroom floor listening to slow Christian music and the sound of the rain hitting our roof. It’s peaceful, but the stillness is a tad intimidating. In the stillness floods worries, fears and things that are on my “to do list” this week. Memories from the past 10 months of marriage and living in Indy flashing like a slide show projecting on the wall. The mountains and the valleys that have surprised or snuck into this season of life, giving us delight and growing us in ways we couldn’t have imagined. The people we have met, restaurants tried, our rescue pup that brings us so much joy, a new job, moving to a new home and all the things in between.

Ben leaves in two weeks. For those of you who don’t know, he has two away rotations for the Air Force this summer in California and Texas. A total of 8 weeks this guy will be living on his own a thousand miles away. Unfortunately due to my job I will not be able to join, but instead will be holding down the fort with Stella.

I am terrified, but excited. Sad, yet so happy. It’s going to be really hard being apart, but this summer is a huge opportunity for Ben’s career. In the times that fear takes over, I remind myself of the opportunities, experience and importance that this summer is for him. His ginormous heart for serving people makes me so proud and I feel so lucky to be his wife.

So on this rainy day, when stillness seems to be seeping into every nook of this room I am  conquering fear, fighting negativity, drowning out worries and letting the Lord take over.   God is so good and loves so well, what more could I ask for in this life.

Happy Sunday, everyone.

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