Finding God in the middle of a corn field

Grab your coffee, fill a vase with some flowers and just breathe. I promise it’s okay if your house isn’t spotless or your hair is three days dirty or there is a pile of dishes sitting by the sink still stained from last nights dinner.

I’m here to tell you it will be okay and although most of us are scared of the silence, sometimes we need to just stop and listen for God.

Update: Ben has moved on to Texas and has about 3 weeks left until he comes back home. It has truly been a wild ride with unexpected bumps in the road ( Ben found out in California that a wrist injury from soccer two months ago will need surgery to fix).  Ben has been such a trooper through these past 5 weeks. I envy his adventurous spirit that has no limits. He’s had some pretty amazing solo endeavors that not many people would take on and I kinda love that about him.

Meanwhile, back on the home front this number 9 has not been coping the greatest. When a two week break from work was put on the table I quickly jumped on that train and made my way back to Ohio to stay with family. It’s been a breath of fresh air, to say the least. Too be honest, back in our home in Indiana, I hated the silence that filled our house when I got home from work. So much so, the TV or a podcast was pretty much playing nonstop.

So why did I not like the silence? In the midst of the quiet, there is only room for thoughts and a lot of negative ones were beginning to take over. The quiet made room for fear and anxiousness. It allowed my mind to take over my time and in all the worst ways.

Being back in Ohio has been so so good. Taking evening walks down a country road with Stella,  picking so much goodness from my mom’s garden, picking and shucking piles of sweet corn, family reunions, quality time with friends who I missed dearly and waking up early to fill a cup of coffee and do my bible study before everyone else in the house wakes up.

Now, I crave the stillness and the quiet. The Lord has changed my heart from something that was tangled in the thorns of fear and anxiety to a grateful heart (trust me it’s a daily struggle).

I ran away from the quietness of being by myself, only to find God waiting for me in the middle of cornfields in my small hometown.


Ps. I realize my picture isn’t related to my title, but my mom has the most beautiful rose bushes blooming out on the front porch.



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