He’s back, back again

Two months, two states thousands of miles away and he’s finally back. I picked Ben up on Friday evening and brought him home to our pup who hadn’t saw him since he left. Her reaction was priceless.

I’ve been trying very hard to keep my phone at home and just enjoy this time, so if you haven’t saw any pictures, that’s why. We are trying to find a normalcy again and a good consistent daily rhythm. Too be honest, our lives never have a consistent schedule since Ben’s rotation schedules and demands change monthly, so “normal” I’ve learned isn’t really a thing over here. It keeps life exciting that’s for sure. I am relieved this season is closed and we are opening a new chapter in this last year of Indy and medical school for Ben. As always, there are lots of things happening in the upcoming months.

We will be heading out of Indy this week for an anniversary trip to Boston for the weekend, which we are both pretty excited for. We recently became aunt and uncle to the sweetest little girl, who makes the funniest facial expressions and we are so excited to meet her soon. Weddings are seeming to fill a handful of our weekends this fall/ winter, which I love. These upcoming months are also pretty big for Ben. He will be traveling a ton for residency interviews and in early December we find out where we will be moving to next Spring.

Life is busy per usual, but it’s our life and I am so blessed in ways I sometimes overlook. I’m soaking in the slowness before Ben starts his EM rotation here and just enjoying living under the same roof.

This summer was a crazy jumble of wild emotions, travels, friend slumber parties, time back in Ohio and the enormous realization that I have an amazingly supportive family that I can’t thank enough for helping me get through this hard season.

Raise your coffee mugs with me in celebration of this ending and to the beginning of another new season of beautiful madness.


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