Just a few things

  • You guys, I have been binge watching This Is Us whenever I get a chance and I just can’t stop myself. It is so stinking good. I fought watching it after soooo many suggestions and I finally gave in and now hours of my life are gone, thanks Netflix and Hulu for making it so easy to waste that much of my time.
  • Also, I have been in a major cooking/baking kick lately and I’m kind of loving it. Go check out Life is but a Dish for some seriously good recipes. I made this spinach peach salsa dip for college football night and it was a big hit and definitely found it’s way into my recipe box.
  • On a hunt for a dress for my brothers wedding coming up in November. Send help.
  • Oh yeah, so I’m currently boycotting social media. Well, maybe not completely, but my use of Instagram (pretty much the only social media platform I use now) is very limited now. I’m trying to create boundaries with my phone, in hopes to open up space for more conversation in our house. Life is too short to stare at a screen.
  • With that being said I am also on the search for a good book. I am a huge fan of Jen Hatmaker and Shauna Niequist but am open to any and all suggestions you guys would like to throw my way.
  • This month marks a year that we have been at our church here in Indy and I am so so thankful for the community of people we have met through it. Church searching is hard and our process wasn’t fun, but our result was a beautiful surprise that I will be so sad to leave.
  • I am going a little nuts on fall things lately. There is a mum outside our front door and Ben and I almost went to an apple orchard yesterday, except it was 90 degrees and it just didn’t feel right picking apples without a sweater on. The Ryan household will most likely be smelling like apple cider and all things pumpkin until Christmas.
  • Okay, so the main reason I get on Instagram is because I cross my fingers that there will be loads of pictures and videos of my new baby niece. You guys, she is the cutest thing and I just wanna squeeze her cheeks and cuddle her all day.
  • T-Swift was in Indy last night and we didn’t go. Yep, we are doing life all wrong I know, but hey the buckeyes were playing so I’m not mad.

Totally random, I know. I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday afternoon and let’s hope this weather will cool down any day now so we can go camping soon!

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