How is it already November!?

Hey everyone! I need to first apologize for not doing a meal planning post for this week. Ben and I ended up having plans almost every night and really only had to cook one meal (crazy, I know) so I didn’t think it was worth making a post for one meal. I will try to make up for it next week with some bonus ideas or maybe some dessert recipes (yesssss please).

Anyway, I just wanted to give a little “what’s happening” with us currently. Ben’s current rotation is an online course so no actual hours in a hospital or clinics so things have been a bit odd having him around all the time. Odd, in a good way of course! He’s been such a big help with laundry, Stella and even cooking. Safe to say I have really enjoyed this rotation so far. Meanwhile, I’ve been picking up extra hours at work and am gone more than at home.

Overall things are great. I’ve been soaking in my drive to and home from work as it is filled with trees that paint the colors of fall. It’s funny how different this season of life is for us. After this summer I have grown to appreciate all the small things in each and every day. For example, yesterday we got a package from Amazon and it was filled with a bunch of things we ordered for Stella (new toys, an Indians jersey ect.) and I was soo excited to open it and for us to enjoy her new toys with her. It may sound funny that I was excited about this, but that’s just how life is right now and too be honest..I love it.

I had a hard time transitioning from this summer of being away from Ben to having him back home and us just trying to get back in a groove. As amazing and relieving as it was to have him back, I struggled. It was like I expected everything to be perfect once he returned and I had unrealistic expectations for pretty much everyone and everything. It’s hard to admit, but it’s certainly true. As of about a week and a half ago I can finally say I’m starting to feel like myself again and things are going so much smoother.

At work we have a giant Halloween festival where all the staff run booths and all the club members get to dress up and get way to much candy. It was actually pretty fun and I even drug Ben along for the ride. Enjoy the picture below of me using Ben’s scrubs to be a doctor and Ben the lumberjack.

We went camping last weekend with our house church friends and it was so much fun. Having a big group of people around a campfire is the perfect recipe for a great time. Stella even had her best friend along (Nash) so we were all happy.

It’s my last work day for this week before we head back to Ohio to celebrate my brother’s wedding this weekend. I’m filled with so many excited jitters that I may just not sleep tonight and instead binge watch Grey’s Anatomy and devour some apple pie. I liked weddings before, but since Ben and I got married, weddings have a totally new meaning and bring so many more emotions. I know the excitement, nerves and happiness that go into the entire day and it’s so overwhelming in such a good way that I can’t help but feel it for others all over again.

I hope you all are having a wonderful fall. Soak in the season friends, it’s worth it.



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