life and Thanksgiving treats

I can’t believe it’s thanksgiving week (and beat Michigan week), but really..where has the time gone. I wish I could give you a long post with an entire list of recipes for Turkey’s, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce, but too be honest I still attend and have yet to host a Thanksgiving. In other words, I bring low key side items or desserts that travel easy.

I’ve really confided strongly in Williams Sonoma this year. I will be making this focaccia stuffing and  adding this seasoning to my mashed potatoes for my families Thanksgiving. I’ll be introducing my grandma’s apple pie to Ben’s family this year. Oh yeah and for our friends giving I am throwing together a cheeseboard with all things Trader Joe’s. I will try my best to come back on here and throw up some pictures of all this yummy stuff.


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Meanwhile, over here in the Ryan household things are starting to heat up. We are officially booked for a sandy family Christmas vacation with the Rager clan. Everyone grab your flip flops and popcorn because this trip will no doubt be one for the books.

Speaking of traveling we may have also booked another trip for the spring. Europe here we come. Too say I’m excited may just be the understatement of the century. Paris, Italy, Amsterdam and Switzerland. Yeehaw! Bring on all the pastries, pasta and cappuccinos.

We are less than a month out from match day. Someone grab me a cold glass of water and a hot bubble bath because holy smokes big news is so so close and of course I’m just a tad nervous. Praying so hard that on December 12th we have news of where we will be going and won’t have to wait until the spring.

With all this said, I have to say this Thanksgiving I am feeling overly thankful. Thankful for my husband who wakes up before me to make coffee and take the dog out. Thankful for a family who has so many quirks but a family who celebrates with us and grieves with us. Thankful for the hardships that break us down and expose the spaces and cracks that only God can fill. I could go on and on about food because that brings us to the table. Food is a commonality that opens up space for conversation and relationships, but when your belly is stuffed full of turkey this Thanksgiving..try being thankful for the things that aren’t so obvious. The trials and the people who don’t put on their turn signal, leave the toilet seat up, or just have plain hurt you.

I am thankful for you all and this space that makes it possible for me to share. Wishing you all the best during this sweet Thanksgiving season.

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