A break from meal planning to prep for much bigger things

Happy Tuesday everyone! If you didn’t already notice, I didn’t share a meal planning post last night. First I apologize for taking an unplanned week off, but too be honest my brain is a bit too clouded to really make a good post anyway.

We are officially just a week from finding out some very big news. On Wednesday December 12th at 12:01 a.m Ben will be receiving a residency match email. For those of you who don’t know Ben, my husband, is a current 4th year medical student who graduates in the spring. As if medical school wasn’t hard/confusing enough he is in the Air Force as well, meaning that his match process is slightly different than a normal civilian match. So next week when he receives this email there are actually quite a few possible outcomes.

  1. He matches into an Air Force residency and we are placed in California, Texas, Las Vegas or Dayton.
  2. He gets deferred to civilian and then continues the normal interview process with 10 or so different places all over the country and will find out which one he gets in the spring.
  3. He doesn’t get a spot in Emergency Medicine, takes an intern year and reapplies later and we do this process all over again.

I hope you can now see why my brain is a bit foggy and distracted lately. Ben is so chill, thank goodness one of us handles these things so well. We are so excited overall for this big news, but obviously prayers would greatly be appreciated. It’s a lot easier to preach about trusting God’s plan for your life, than to actually apply it when His plan doesn’t align with what you want. No matter what things will be good, though. He is good.

So at 12:01 next Tuesday night when you all will probably be sleeping, we will be awake. Anxiously awaiting just an email, while probably drinking champagne and sitting by the fireplace. Celebrating, no matter what the outcome ends up being.

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