Military Match Day

I know I kind of left you guys on the edge of your seat for match day results, but it was good for us/me to take some time for just us to process everything.

I feel like I need to explain why I even share these personal things with you all. Ben and I met each other a week before he started his first year of medical school, so our relationship hasn’t known anything different (which is kinda strange). The only reason I ever knew what to expect was because his brother, Jordan, is a doctor in the Air Force as well and his sweet wife, Katelyn, has shared so much wisdom with me. They are about 4 years ahead of us in the process so they know all the mountains and valleys of this process. Anyway, this is why I share these things. Medical school is crazy hard for the student, but the wife/spouse life is pretty much uncharted waters that no one knows how to navigate. I want to share our process in hope that it can help anyone who may go through this process in the future or is currently in the same boat. 

Anyway, yesterday Ben was suppose to receive an email at noon for his military match for residency. Ben luckily had a half day and got home around 12:30, but I had to leave for work at 1:30. Of course the email was late and Ben had to text me it while I was at work. Waiting for that email was literally more suspenseful than those TV shows where they say “and the winner is……(pause for 60 seconds)” It’s more suspenseful than those 60 seconds, which always feel like 60 years. SOOO Ben got accepted into Emergency Medicine, but was deferred to civilian. So, what does this mean exactly? 

Basically he has done a few civilian interviews already, just in case this happened. But now he has to continue all of his interviews for civilian residences and we will find out on normal match day in March. 

I’m going too be honest, this was not the result we were hoping and praying for. I was really wanting for him to get matched in an Air Force residency so we knew where we would be moving and could start figuring out housing in advance and he wouldn’t have to be traveling anymore for interviews. Yesterday was really hard. Today, I feel so much more peace. In all of the anger of not getting what I wanted I forgot to be thankful for something really big. Ben got into the Emergency Medicine program, how could I be sad when he’s worked so hard to accomplish this.  

If I could do it over again, I would tell myself to expect anything to happen no matter what and start accepting that any result will be okay. 

Although yesterday was disappointing and hard, the sun came up this morning and a new day began. Life goes on my friends, but of course I will anxiously be awaiting match day in March. 

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