Soon it will be Christmas time

I keep telling myself this, just to get through this week and into all the holiday celebration and goodness. Yes, this is not a meal planning post because Ben is gone a lot this week so my meals will mainly consist of salads and smoothies.

This week Ben has interviews in North Carolina and South Carolina and Stella and I are just counting down the days until Christmas break for us begins. It’s a crazy busy season, but there is some peace in the near future that gives me hope.

We will be celebrating Christmas with Ben’s family this weekend and then make the trip to Ohio on Christmas Day to celebrate with my family. We are trying to pack as much in as we possibly can, per usual, so next Friday after I get off work we will be escaping down to the South to spend a long weekend at the Reserve. Then the day after we get back we will be jumping on a plane with some of my family and escaping to Mexico for a week. Fingers crossed that Ben is still able to go, being in the thick of interview season and all.

I love this holiday season. I love Advent services at church and listening to all the kiddos sing. I love starting new traditions with my little family and seeing everyone else’s. I love the smell of the fresh tree in our home. I love all the extra family time, especially as our months here in Indy quickly fade. I love celebrating Jesus’s birth and anticipating his return. It’s a cozy season that I love to soak in. I wish you all the best this holiday season as you travel far and near. Don’t eat too many cookies, or do, cause hey why not splurge, right? I hope to be back on here at some point in the near future, but I will also be signing off to be present this holiday season.

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