Oh hey, 2019

You guys..we just returned yesterday from one of our favorite places in the world (Sunset, SC) and we fly out tomorrow morning with my family to Mexico.

We desperately wanted to cram in a trip to South Carolina over the long Holiday weekend, even though the forecasted weather called for rain almost the entire 3 days we were there. It truly was the most perfect little getaway. The rain held off on Saturday so naturally we crammed the day full of tennis, pickle ball, golf, hiking and dinner at the club house. It was my first time being there in the winter and there is a sort of stillness that you just don’t get to experience in the summer time. We woke up every morning, grabbed our books and a cup of coffee and shuffled our slippers out onto the screened in porch where we would turn on the fireplace and nuzzle in for a few wonderful hours. I’ve been reading the Chronicles of Narnia over this break and I’m currently in The Magicians Nephew. If you’ve read this book, I would describe our time at the Reserve as the moment Digory and Polly reach the woods for the first time. They can’t remember anything about where they came from, time seems to stand still and everything just makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. That’s the way the Reserve feels for me.

I’m a big fan of New Year’s Eve. My family has always spent the holiday with the same group of friends and we always stayed up really late munching on good food and watching the performances that followed the ball drop. My husband, however, is quite the opposite. He see’s no significance in staying up until midnight when he would rather be sleeping, so naturally he went to bed at 10:30 this year haha. I stayed up until midnight, but no TV was on and I was lying in bed listening to the stillness of the woods with the rumble of my husband and dog snoring in the background. It was actually exactly what I needed. It was refreshing to start a new year in the silence with the ability to think.

2018 was good for us. It held so many adventures, it revealed weaknesses, it held disappointment, but encouraged hope and joy. It had the normal highs and lows of life just like every other year. We gained a dog (best friend), a new baby niece and nephew and a new sister-in-law. We said goodbye to Ben’s brother Jordan and his wife Kaytea and their sweet family as they moved to South Korea. We were apart for two months as Ben did rotations in California and Texas and I took two weeks off of work to move back home to spend time with my family while he was gone. We traveled to Boston for a one year anniversary gift to each other and loved every minute there. We awaited match day and got an unexpected result, we (I) cried and laughed and moved forward and Ben continued interviews.

I’m ready for a new year. New opportunities and new chances to stumble and to help each other back up off the ground. I don’t have any resolutions. I honestly hate the fact that everyone waits till the new year to make goals and then fail within a week. Throughout the year I create goals for myself, but my motivation isn’t the new year. I will be the same person I was last year. I will fail again and I will eat donuts when Ben brings them home for breakfast. I will more than likely still order desserts and there will be days that I won’t workout. We will fight and I will realize over and over the flawed child of God that I am. Cheers to a new year and to all the faults and failures of life and myself along with all the joy and happiness that are too come.

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