And we’re back

As we were finishing booking all of our hotels/ Airbnb’s for our Europe trip this morning Ben randomly said, “T I’m surprised you haven’t wrote another blog post yet.” Bless this sweet man I married for being such a carefree adventurer who is the absolute best at multitasking. I almost laughed a little bit when he said it but really I was just thinking about crossing the current thing we were doing off our checklist (booking our rooms).

I am totally the type of person that has to focus on one thing at a time or else my brain gets all blurry and I end up accomplishing zero of the things I needed to do. We were on vacation for almost two weeks.. so getting back in the swing of our semi-normal life has been a very slow process for me (I finally got my suitcase unpacked yesterday haha). This week Ben has an interview in Louisville (today and tomorrow), starts his EM rotation on Wednesday and another interview on Friday morning in Lexington, KY. We went from being together every single day to multiple days apart. Gotta love the inconsistency of a medical student’s schedule.

On a much sweeter note, Mexico was great. It was so fun to get to spend a whole week with some of my siblings and parents. I have a large family so getting everyone together for longer than a day pretty much never happens. Although not everyone could make it I am so grateful for the quality time I got to spend with those that could. We took it real easy, like lounging pretty much every day. It’s not Ben and I’s normal type of vacation (we usually are doing things pretty much non-stop) but it was a really nice change of pace.

Things I learned: I don’t remember half the Spanish words that I once knew in high school, I’m still a terrible swimmer, get over your pride and put on the dang sunscreen woman and don’t eat the tiny desserts at the buffet that look like they came out of a 5-star NYC restaurant…it’s a trick and they will probably give you diarrhea (I may possibly be adding a little drama, but this is mostly true).

Happy Monday dear readers. I am so grateful for your interest in walking beside us in our every day adventures. This space has been really good for me. In 2019 I’m really hoping to step up this blogging thing to a new level, although I’m not sure what this is going to look like just yet, I hope you’ll follow along.

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