Making a rank list for residency

If you have been tagging along for a while, then you know that we have already gone through one match (the Air Force one) in December. Ben officially wrapped up his civilian interviews last week and we are now onto making our rank list, yet again.

To try and simplify it, we more or less had to do a rank list for the first match and the results of the first match (civilian deferred) basically means that Ben got accepted into EM, but has to go through a civilian residency and will still have to serve his four years in the Air Force after residency. It’s confusing, I know. I have to explain this to our families multiple times because it’s pretty hard to follow along. Anyway, we are in the process of making our second rank list for civilian residency.

It’s such an interesting process. Ben has been so good at including me in decisions. We decided to both take some time and make a separate rank list solely based on our opinions and not each others. Then once we were done with our separate lists, we made a coffee/breakfast date to discuss and collaborate to come up with one definitive list. I loved that we made it a fun process because it definitely can be very stressful (especially if you’re not on the same page for your rankings). Thankfully, we came up with our final list pretty easily.

From my perspective I was ranking programs based almost entirely on location when I made my initial list. However, there are a lot of variables to consider. The program itself ( shift hours, away rotations, time off, family friendly, not family friendly, ect.), distance from family, cost of living, climate (kinda goes along with location). It’s interesting sitting down and deciding what variables mean the most to us, as a couple. Overall I would say location and Ben’s gut feeling of a program were the highest priorities.

Ben will submit our rank list in about two weeks and then we wait until March 15 for match day, once again. I’m still deciding if I want to share our rank list or not with you all. Too be honest, I’m taking this process pretty lightly because we all know what happened last match day when I had expectations to get a program we really wanted.

For now, we wait. Only thing standing between us and match day is one more rotation in radiology and a two week Aerospace training for Ben in Dayton.

We are trying so hard to cram in all the goodness of Indianapolis that we love so much. I’m trying to guilt trip all my friends and family into visiting us one more time before we move. Too be fair, it is very possible we will be many hours further from them all. This countdown for moving has made us treasure literally everything. Our house church, new coffee shops, my job, our little condo with the biggest windows, slow mornings together before the unknown flurry of residency schedules begin and everything in the middle.


Ps: I’m curious, what are you all doing for Valentines Day? I’ll share details later about what our “Valentines Day on a budget” is going to look like.

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