Final Rank List Submitted

Yesterday we laid another brick down on the road of fourth year. Our rank list was officially submitted and can no longer be changed (gasp). I had a few remarks about not sharing with you all what we ended up ranking everything so I figured now that it’s official I deemed it necessary due to popular demand, you’re welcome.

  1. Columbia, SC
  2. Cleveland, OH
  3. Lexington, KY
  4. Myrtle Beach, SC
  5. Greenville, NC
  6. Louisville, KY
  7. Indianapolis, IN
  8. Chicago, IL

It’s funny because although this list is kind of a big deal, it hasn’t been a big deal in my mind (for the most part). Having gone through the first match (Air Force) and getting completely blindsided on the result has prepared me for pretty much any outcome and puts less importance on the rank list, which I guess you could say is a great thing. I’m ready to roll with whatever hand we are dealt…I just wanna be given the dang cards already (why must we wait soooo long). Ben and I only have one more week together before match day as he will be leaving the first two weeks of March for an Aerospace training through the Air Force. Time is quickly passing, that is one thing I am sure of.

March 15th: Match Day

April 26th: my last day of work

April 29th: Ben’s last day of his last rotation

May 1st: We move out of our current home in Indy

*9 days to move things to our new home/visit family in SC and Ohio

May 10th: Ben’s Graduation

May 12th: We leave for two week Europe trip

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