Taking a minute to process match day and life in general

I wanted to write a post during match week and then I wanted to write a post about match day and have them both posted by this weekend. But here I am and I didn’t get either of them posted or even fully written. It’s been an odd (yes that’s the best word I can think of to describe it) experience.

At the beginning of the week I was feeling really good. Trusting God’s plan for us and really wasn’t thinking much about match day at all. Thursday is when it hit me. I worked late and came home to Ben (for the first time in two weeks), but I wasn’t feeling myself. My chest felt like someone had placed a bag of bricks on it and I probably could have crawled into bed and slept for a few days. I didn’t feel overwhelmed or stressed about the next day, but my body was telling me otherwise. I slept for about a hot minute that night and woke up feeling somewhat refreshed.

We headed to the match day party at about 10:30 and before we knew it Ben was opening his envelope and the big news was out. The moment we had been waiting for had finally come and quickly passed. Now what? We knew where we would be going, but we didn’t actually know where we were going. We had only looked at houses once in Greenville, because we didn’t think we would be getting our #5. We weren’t disappointed, but shocked, yes. Unprepared? Definitely. I expected the bag of bricks to be taken off my chest, but for some reason it felt as if a couple more had been added.

It was a last minute decision (literally booked our hotel the day before) to take off for Chicago on a quest to celebrate match day/Ben’s belated birthday on Friday. Thank goodness we did. As we drove farther and farther away from Indianapolis I felt like I could breathe again. We had three hours in the car together to process everything. We laughed in excitement at the fact that we were moving to a warmer climate and would have to store all of our acquired winter coats/clothing for three years (other than for visiting family). We reflected on the fact that Greenville was once our first pick but slowly found it’s way down our list. We (I) sighed in relief as I realized that our nights away from each other for interviews were finally over. We sang at the top of our lungs to our favorite songs and busted all of our go-to dance moves as our big day slowly faded between the lines of the highway.

I promise I will share with you all the beauty/madness/unique details of match day, but for now I am enjoying having my husband back in the same house and all of the dreaming and planning about our future home that is happening.

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