Match Day

A day I will never forget. It was thrilling, terrifying, hectic, exciting and just about every other emotion you can think of. We were jammed into a room of 330 other medical students and all of their loved ones. Shoulder to shoulder as we waited until 11:52. Ben got into line to get his envelope and then we waited. Yup, we waited with the envelope in hand for about five minutes until we were able to open it. The drama that goes into this event is quite unreal.

The clock struck 12 (and no this is not another Cinderella story) and Ben tore into the letter. It was a moment I felt pride radiating from my body. I didn’t care about what result was hiding inside that white blur, because I watched the joy on his face as he uncovered the result of four long years of hard work finally being rewarded.

He looked pleased, but I knew it wasn’t our #1 because he would have been shouting or dancing in excitement. Our initial reaction was shock. Not the bad kind of surprised, but just caught off guard.We were surrounded by shouts of joy, tears of disappointment and sighs of relief. We didn’t say much as we sorted through the crowd to find classmates and swap news. The dramatic high slowly began to fade as the pictures were taken and the day seemed to go on like any other day. We walked to our car and started making calls and sending texts to family and friends.

We had crossed the finish line after an exhausting marathon, but now we must lace up our sneakers and await the next race.

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