Things I’m loving

We have been in the weeds this week. Ben’s surgery, then an unexpected visit to the ER, sleepless nights, endless contracts and phone calls about all things for the new house and then cold and flu season decided to try and take me down while all this was happening. There were many moments when I didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, but here I am to share all the things that are keeping the positive vibes around.

  1. warmer weather– thanking God for a slight increase in temperature and all the walks that I’m taking with Stella Rey
  2. purging clothes and household items- this week marked the beginning of packing and I have been trying to thin out pretty much everything (I’m totally the person that throws away/donates anything I remotely don’t want)
  3. Target home goods– although we are trying not to purchase much for our new home I can’t help but continue to stop by Target and sneak a peak at the home items that they put on sale ( a few of my favs)
  4. A Love Letter Life– Jeremy and Audrey Roloff, my absolute favorite people to follow. I love their podcast and Instagram and just recently received their new book in the mail and I’m already in love. These two are a treasure.
  5. Pinterest– thank you for always preparing the most beautiful feed full of homes I dream of creating one day
  6. lucky charms– the best late night snack/dessert
  7. Jean Jacket- I searched for so long for an oversized denim jacket in a wash that I liked and I finally found it and I’m never taking it off ( I literally wear it multiple times a week)
  8. my job– it’s sinking in that our time here is nearing an end and it’s so sad to think about leaving all my kiddos from work
  9. Madewell tote– Ben spoiled me this past Christmas and got me a bag I have had on my wishlist for a while. It’s been a dream. I love this size because I can fill it with all the goods or just with the every day essentials and either way it’s comfortable and super cute! ( I love to tie my favorite red handkerchief around the handle for a pop of color)

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