Two Weeks Left in INDY

Exactly two weeks from today we will be starting up the U-Haul and heading down to Greenville, handing over keys to our place and closing on our new home. Craziness. I’m stuck in this strange blurry season where I’m excited for the future, yet absolutely love our current home and reflecting hard on the memories of living here.

Indianapolis has been good to us. We kicked off our first year of marriage in a 700 sq. ft apartment downtown. I was going to IUPUI, dog walking and occasionally writing on this space. Ben was in the thick of third year of medical school and we sorted through the maze of marriage together. After the fall semester of school, I decided not to return and on January 3rd I started a new chapter at a new job and Ben also picked up our furry little love (Stella Rey) from a local shelter.

Year two we moved to Zionsville, which meant a shorter commute for me and a break from the downtown life. Shortly after moving Ben left for two months for away rotations (Texas and California). Although they weren’t easy, we survived and moved forward into Ben’s final fourth year. Military match day in December, which was ultimately disappointing and left us waiting even longer for an answer. March arrived and the announcement finally came. We are taking our adventures to Greenville, NC where Ben will do his three year residency.

Now, here we are with two weeks separating us from this chapter and the next. I’m soaking in all the family/friend time I can get and slowly packing box after box. People keep asking me if I’m excited to move and I absolutely am, but that doesn’t completely conquer the feelings of nervousness. Thankfully, my husband is the person who seems to tumble into every season of our life with positivity, confidence and no nerves whatsoever. God really knew what he was doing when he crossed our paths ha!

I’m trying my best to document everything in this journey and keep you all updated. The blog posts may become a little less frequent, but make sure to follow along on Instagram where I will continue to post and do stories.

Happy Monday everyone!

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