Back in the Groove (kinda)

Wow, it feels good to open up this page and be able to write again. I’ve missed this space, a lot. It’s been a very busy last couple of months as we moved to North Carolina, Ben graduated from medical school, we went on a two week trip to Europe and so many other things. It’s been a bit much for this 9, but I’m feeling very thankful for all the memories and travels jammed into these last few months.

This has been our first week of being in our new home. We have been landscaping, rearranging, changing license, buying a mower (really adults now I guess) and just settling in. I’ve had a lot of question regarding how the transition is going and it’s safe to say, we probably don’t have a great assessment with only a week under our belt. I will say this, our neighbors are the sweetest people, it’s very hot here and the mosquitos are relentless.

We leave, yet again, tomorrow morning for a family beach trip for a few days and it’s kinda strange that we are only 2 hours away from the destination. Thankful for Costco, who is helping equip us with some beach essentials that were definitely never in our shopping cart prior to this move.

I’m excited to be writing on here again. Be prepared for lots of posts about our home and how I’m making it feel a little more like our own. Hope the summer is treating you all well!

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