Ben graduated from medical school on a Friday and we left for Europe on Sunday. Our first stop, Paris. We stayed two days and one street over from the Eiffel Tower in an Airbnb. We arrived in the morning, had French onion soup for lunch in a cafe and strolled through the Luxembourg Gardens while trying our first pastries and cappuccino in the afternoon.

water bottle|backpack| carryon luggage

The Eiffel Tower was a dream. There was never a time that there weren’t people just lounging on the lawn in front of it, tearing off a crunchy piece of baguette with a bottle of wine in hand. It seemed as if there was never a schedule. People weren’t in a rush (unless riding on a moped) and there was always time for meals that lasted hours and a stop at the local boulangerie. Baguettes and bouquets of flowers were worn as simply as a watch and a hat.

Phones were scarcely a sight during meals, which I loved. There was room for conversation and lots of it. The table wasn’t just a place to check off a box for feeding yourself lunch or dinner. It was sacred and cherished, just like every bite of food. There was no rush to finish dinner and get home to catch the newest episode of The Bachelorette or whatever your show may be. Dinner lasted until it was time to walk home and go to bed. There was no need to fill the gaps of time with endless scrolling to avoid awkward situations. I loved this about Paris.

Versailles Gardens, most definitely landed itself in the top three favorite places of this trip. Ben had already been to Paris so we didn’t do a ton of touristy things, but he said I MUST go to Versailles. We didn’t even go in the chateau, Ben had already been on his last trip, and I was just wanting to experience the gardens. The grandeur outside view of the chateau gave me enough appreciation for the architecture that I felt very content not spending the time/money going in.


But the gardens, my goodness there are no words to express the actual size of them. As far as your eye could see, these gardens extended beyond even that. We strolled through endless rows of hedges, fountains and perfectly aligned trees. My favorite part, though, was lying beside the grand canal enjoying gelato while white row boats passed one after another. I felt like I was sitting right smack dab in the middle of a Nicholas Sparks book.

Our last night in Paris Ben insisted we walk to the Eiffel Tower and see it’s flashing lights that start as soon as it get’s dark. I have to admit, he has pretty good suggestions 99.9% of the time. There happened to be a concert going on directly underneath the Tower, so we swayed as the Eiffel twinkled in all it’s beautiful glory.

Shoes (similar)

Ben’s shoes (his favorite shoes he’s ever owned)


Ps. I chose to share our adventure in more of a narrative sense, but we have loads and loads of suggestions and helpful information regarding each place we went. Please feel free to email me if you are traveling to Paris and I will send you a ton of recommendations!

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