After a couple days in Paris, we jumped on a train and headed north. Too be honest before this trip I didn’t know much about Amsterdam other than the few scenes filmed there in “The Fault in Our Stars”. I knew I wanted to go to the Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh museum, but that’s pretty much it.

First thought after getting outside the train station…”how in the world are there so many bikes in one place?” But seriously, over the course of the three days we stayed I almost got ran over by a bicycle more times than I can count on two hands.


We were greeted by our Airbnb host (who is also a chef) and welcomed into our houseboat/room for our stay. It was definitely our favorite room of the entire trip. It was small, cozy and had a panoramic window that slid open and revealed the most amazing view of the canal.

Our lovely and oh so kind host made sure to give us all the recommendations for places to eat. Food was definitely a major success in Amsterdam. We tried everything from a Japanese tapas restaurant to an Argentine steak house. German pancakes, bitterballen, stroop waffles and so much more goodness.

Amsterdam was just a very unique place to experience. The architecture was a beautiful mix of old and new. Modern house boats constantly caught our eye as spaces were always minimal and surprisingly cozy.

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One thought on “Amsterdam

  1. lou Ann rager says:

    Looks so fun and beautiful…so happy you could experience some of Europe. I went at age 20 with the company i worked with co workers and my 6 friends. We had a wonderful time and Bill and I spent a cool rainy day in Paris on our way to see Gary and Peg in Etheopia… Bad weather by the tower dampened our time.


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