Interlaken, Switzerland

After a glorious time in Amsterdam we, yet again, made our way to the train station. That day of travel was rough. We were on a train for 11 hours with 5 different train changes. Let me tell ya, European trains are convenient, but can be a bit tricky to navigate.

The last leg of the trip however was totally worth the exhausting day. We were on our last train on our way to Interlaken, Switzerland when we reached the Bernese Alps. The vast rugged mountains cut their way through the landscape revealing themselves more and more through the fog that had slowly begun to creep in. With each glimpse of them through the train window we both quickly reached for our camera but only to end up surrendering to the fact that our iPhone cameras through a foggy, smudged train window were never going to do this place justice. So we leaned back and enjoyed the view.

For some reason we only a lotted 24 hours in Switzerland and of course the entire 24 hours it rained and every type of activity there was to do got cancelled. I can’t complain though because a quiet 24 hours nestled in the Bernese Alps was the best break we never planned for.

Upon arriving I was so eager to see the lakes we were between. Lake Brienz and Lake Thun, two emerald blue beauties that I could have stared at all day. We walked to Lake Brienz and tried to enjoy a stroll in the rain along the water. It was quiet and peaceful and we even passed a mama Swan with seven little babes.

bottoms|jacket|camera bag|shoes

Our B and B was perched on top of a Mexican restaurant so we unpacked, did a quick workout in our tiny room and retreated to dinner just floors below us.

I can’t claim that we hiked up Harder Kulm, sailed on Lake Thun or went paragliding through the peaks, but I will say I loved the time we spent in Switzerland. It was the perfect place to spend some time reading in a coffee shop and writing in my journal. It gave me some space to reflect on our big move that happened a week before, the trip to SC with Ben’s family and all the realities of now living in NC for Ben’s residency. It was like a big bowl of chicken noodle soup for this (Enneagream) number 9 soul.

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