Alright guys, last stop. The beautiful city of Venice. That honestly is just the perfect overview. A beautiful city. It’s wildly unique and can’t be compared to anywhere else, but there were a lot of things that made us say we would have only planned one day here if we were to do it again.

Overall it was just very crowded with tourists. We later learned that there are now around only 50,000 full time residents in Venice and that may even plummet down to no full time residents by 2030. WOW. With so many tourists we felt as though it was hard to get a true sense of the authentic culture in Venice, which is a bummer and it’s pretty sad tourism is taking such a negative toll on such a beautiful place.

Anyway, enough with the bummer attitude because we really did enjoy our time here. St. Marks Basilica was gorgeous and after taking a boat tour we had a true sense of appreciation for ALL of the architecture throughout the city. Just walking through the streets I kept snapping pictures of little details that they included in their architecture that really set the designs over the top.

We stayed at a lovely B and B that was filled with Persian rugs and hard- wood floors and every morning our room was filled with the smell of buttery croissants from breakfast being made the floor below. Their was a giant free standing tub in our room and I just couldn’t resist taking a bubble bath while in Italy.

One of our favorite things was eating take-out pasta while sitting on the base of the Rialto bridge and watching all the gondola’s pass by. Oh yeah, and all the buttery flaky croissants we devoured every morning at our B and B…yumm!

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