Guest Bathroom Makeover and Painted Tile

When we bought our house I was very pleased that the previous owners had given the place fresh coats of neutral paint and did little updates to almost every room. However, it must have been the Interior Design part of me that instantly started dreaming about ways to make this 1960 ranch a real gem.

First up, the guest bathroom. The original vanity was painted grey and the floor was replaced before we moved in, but it still seemed as though there were many easy/cheap ways I could update this space.

First off, let me explain that these updates are all on a budget (hello residency and no job currently). Obviously I could have just had the original things ripped out and replaced with all new beautiful shiny pieces of my choosing, but in reality we can’t afford that and there was a lot of change I saw possible with a very little to no budget! I also want to keep as much original details of this house as possible (I’m a sucker for a combo of old and new). Stay with me because I promise the before and after photos are totally worth it at the end, but I did however do these changes in stages.

Alright, first up…fresh paint! Although the previous owners had just painted this bathroom I was not a fan of the weird shade of blue and knew that a fresh coat of white would do it some good. Thank goodness these kind people left ALL of the extra paint in the closet so white paint was plentiful, which meant I wouldn’t have to spend any money on the paint.

Fresh coat of white paint= $0

While we are at it, let’s talk about this mirror/lighting fixture. Too be honest when I first saw this bathroom in person I hated this mirror and the awkward position of the lights. I decided to paint the frame white as well to see if it’s large size could be mellowed into the walls with a white trim and I ended up painting the light fixture black to see if it would make me hate it any less.

I ended up changing my mind and painted the frame of the mirror and the curtain rod black to match the light.

Cue the curtain and entering stage left is the Tub and Sink refinishing kit.

Please don’t be intimidated as this product is absolutely amazing and can work wonders in your tired and worn bathroom. Don’t think you have to be a professional to try this, I conquered it and had little to no idea what I was doing. Follow the instructions carefully (make sure not to skip the prep because the more you prep the better outcome you will get) and you will be just fine. I watched a few Youtube videos and read some blogs about people who have tried similar products just to make sure it was worth the hassle and overall it appeared to be the real deal.

Overall, I am very impressed with the result. It turned my old pale pink tiles into a gorgeous clean white tile that looks brand new and gives my windowless bathroom the light it so desperately needed. If you have any questions on this process or product please email me or comment below and I would love to help if I can! I will make sure to do a post in a few months to show you how it’s holding up. I will say not all the tiles are perfect, but by the end I was getting a little impatient with the process and rushed just a tad (oops).


This project cost me a total of roughly $60. I used paint I already had to change the walls to white and black paint I also previously purchased to paint the curtain rod, light fixture and mirror frame.

Tip: when trying to go for a makeover on a budget. Look around and see what you could freshen up with paint (walls, cabinets, wood frames, lighting fixtures, tile). It’s the cheapest way to give your space an affordable glow up!

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