a week in the mountains

I’ve been MIA for a bit due to writing some guest posts and vacations (things I am not mad about one bit), but I’m excited to be back in full swing (kinda).

Somehow, we got realllllly lucky and Ben’s vacation days happened to run together with his scheduled days off (booyahhhh!). Meaning that we were able to make a trip South to spend a full week with Ben’s family at the lake house. It was the best time. We were reunited with (Ben’s brother) Jordan and Kaytea and their sweet family as they have been stationed in South Korea the past year. We had a blast.

The lake house in SC is one of our absolute favorite places. It’s always refreshing being tucked away in the mountains and enjoying the beautiful Lake Keowee with family we miss like crazy. It’s the one place where we all gather, since so many miles separate us now. We have been dreaming a lot lately about the day when we all choose where we can live (aka: no more military placements) and hope that we can one day reunite more than just once a year.

Dear August, I can’t believe you’re here already. Please take your sweet time as we bask in all the sunshine and warm weather, oh and a somewhat light rotation this month. You can bet we will be taking advantage of weekends off. As I write this we are actually heading to Mt. Pisgah to meet up with some cousins and camp together for the weekend. It was impromptu but we are diving in and ready to go hiking and make some more great memories. Stella definitely was not thrilled to be back in the car, but don’t worry once she see’s the campground and trees she will be even more excited than us.

Happy Friday everyone. Be sure to check out the guest post I did this week and my posts from the lake house, hope the weekend treats you well.

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