Life update

Hey guys, happy Thursday. I’m still discovering what this space looks like for me in this new life of ours and have yet to make a routine out of sharing with you. I guess my intentions for these posts are not to write weekly, but to post when I feel like I have something meaningful to share.

Until then I thought it was due time to give you a little update from our life here in Greenville, North Carolina.

We are chugging along and time seems to be flying by, but yet going very slowly at the same time (anyone else feel like this?). Ben has been working hard at the hospital and loving the ER role. Vidant, the hospital he works at is a level 1 trauma center and CONSTANTLY very very busy so his work life is always pretty interesting. Overall he seems to be enjoying residency (as much as one can enjoy residency I suppose) and is learning more and more each shift through all of the exposure. We are about three weeks out from our trip back to the Midwest to see our families over New Years and I think both of us are counting down the days until then.

Meanwhile, most days I find myself doing housework, listening to all the podcasts, at the wellness center or babysitting for other resident families. Fingers crossed I will soon be starting a nannying job for another intern family which I’m pretty excited about. I started seeing a therapist about a month ago, which has been the best decision. I will most likely do a whole separate post about that soon.

I can’t give an update and not include Stella because well she is a big part of our family and my little pal who keeps me company every day. She is very much still enjoying our back yard and is becoming very accustomed to warmer weather. So much so it dipped down into the low 40’s yesterday and she only lasted 5 minutes outside and came back in shivering (drama Queen, I know).

We are very thankful for our little community here. I have made some really kind friends through our church and my bible study who have helped me get through night shifts and been so gracious in their hospitality. We love spending time with other fellow ER interns and their families and get together almost weekly with a few of them for game nights or just to hang out.

This past week has held a lot of surprises and uncertainties that we are walking in and processing, but also that are making us even more grateful for our tribe here.

I hope you are all enjoying this holiday season and looking forward to all that comes with it. I’d love to hear about your favorite traditions, favorite Christmas movies or what food you’re excited about most in the comments below! I’m hoping to watch Home Alone tonight and maybe watch it while eating brownies and ice cream or some buttery popcorn.

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