Things That Are Bringing Me Joy

I have been direly missing my creative outlets lately so I’ve been finding myself sitting at the piano bench learning new songs, roaming the shelves of our used book store and now I’m here. Most of the time when I share on here, it’s serious topics that tug on my heart that I feel like I need to share, but today I’m trying something new.

Before I start I have to admit the weight of 2020 has finally caught up to me. Until this point, honestly, I’ve been doing pretty well. Ben’s work schedule has not changed a bit this entire pandemic. He’s been treating Covid patients, which of course has its own struggles, but overall he works the same hours each shift and the same hours each week. I think I may have to blame the holiday season for this sudden onset of emotions.

Ben has off New Years again this year, so if we do end up traveling back to see family it’s not for another two weeks. On the note of updates, Ben is also expected to receive his vaccine this week as ER doctors are considered first responders, which is pretty wild and giving us some hope for sure. With all of this randomness aside, I thought I would share the handful of things that are giving me joy lately. After all that is my mantra right now: taking life a day at a time and intentionally finding joy in the small things.

This Podcast

A light hearted conversation with blimps of seriousness hosted by one of my favorite authors and public voices, Annie F. Downs. A new episode releases every Tuesday and Friday and has turned into something I look forward to every week!

A morning cappuccino

I’ve been avoiding coffee almost this entire pregnancy, but for whatever reason woke up with a craving for a cappuccino for the past week and a half now. Maybe it’s the feeling of holding a warm mug again or maybe it’s the sound of hitting the button on our Nespresso machine and hearing the espresso trickle into my mug as the milk frother whips up oat milk and honey into some magical little puff of white, who knows what the reason is all I’m saying is I’m not one bit mad about it. We splurged on this machine a couple years ago and it has really been coming in clutch for my cravings and Ben’s night shifts.

Holiday Baking

Puppy chow and Christmas crack have already been made and either shared or devoured in this household, next on the list is Grandma’s sour cream cookies and Andes Mint Cookies.

Shopping Small for Christmas Gifts

I have been trying very hard this year to not fall into the ease of ordering everything from Amazon and supporting as many small/local businesses as possible. Here are a few of my favorites.

Tubby Todd

No Small Miracle

Chalk Full of Love

Lindsay letters


Zuri Rose and Co

Bee Rose Boutique

Our Advent Calendar

This is not the one we have been using, but it was one I was considering. This is the first year we have made an advent calendar and really been intentional during the advent season. I actually made our own little calendar that contains a box for each day and inside each is a bible verse and activity. The activities range from baking cut-out cookies to paying for someone behind us in the drive thru.

This Christmas Album

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